A Journey

About Us

Every milestone covered leaves a footprint behind, signifying how tough the journey was before it was conquered.

I feel extremely humbled and honored, as we are introducing ourselves in this short script. The journey till now has been a blessed and a rewarding one. I truly acknowledge that without the divine intervention of God, all our efforts would have been in vain.

I could recollect that the journey began way back in the year 2005. My father, my Lala ji used to sell Rakhi in small red suitcases. Those stories still thrills me and makes me way nostalgic, as I dive down in the yesteryears memory lanes. The struggle continued for years and in the process the hardwork, efforts and commitment was put to grind.

And as we say every hard work pays dividends, similarly the efforts showed its colors and we emerged as No. 1 sellers in Rakhi product in London. And, thus the brand name BEST resulted to top the chartlists eventually.

Although it took 15 years to compete, to rank among the best, but the wait was worthwhile. We initiated new projects under Iron Bed, also named as ‘manjhi’ in London. Now we possess 6-8 models of Manjhi being sold across London.

Soon success started yielding results, as we emerged as a Top brand name related to Festive Specialist Products. Our festival Diya’s bagged the tag for the most creative set of Diya’s in London in the year 2015. It was a highly satisfying feat to achieve and along with it few added responsibilities on our shoulders to carry on the expectations of the masses.

We further became the first forefront company to import ‘Gur Rewadi’ (a sweet) in UK. Till date we are holding on the tag as the largest monopoly holder in the market for Festive Products. Our Ganpati statues that we import to London still rank as the biggest statues over the years.

With a vast range of 2000 products from BEST categories such as drinks, nimbu pani, banta, syrups, statues, sweets, iron beds, diyas, hatti’s etc we are increasing manifolds in confidence and endurance.

With all this happening around, our focus is still oriented on one true principle tagline.

‘Seeking, Making and Selling the BEST

We will continue to strive in this endeavor, in pursuing the Best available products worldwide and simultaneously making the resources available to create it. All we require is your utmost blessings and well wishes as we tread on the path attaining PURITY and PERFECTION!

Meet With

Our Team

Dhanwant Singh Bindra

Managing Director

Ramandeep Bindra

Chef Executive Officer

Raminder Bindra

Finance Manager

Anil Maini

Product & Quality Manager

Ashish dhar

Food Consultant

Jaspreet Singh

Production Supervisor

Bavleen Bindra

Creative Head

Harjeet Narang

Photographer www.harjeetsinghnarang.com

Shankar Dutt

Chartered Accountant