A sense of Humility and Divinity


With a sole intention to serve the best sought products through close supervision and vigilant evaluations, we are happy to introduce ourselves.

An Endeavor to Relive Traditions


Carrying the true essence of the culture and inherited values of our generations. A vision to portray human ethics in the most devout manner. Spreading core values of peace and prosperity we spread our wings.

Strengthening Bonds of Trust and Faith


The thread of linen graced with blessings and guarded by trust which a sister ties around the wrist of her brother. The occasion defines the audacity of the traditional values we possess.

An Yielding Seeking the Divine Intervention


As we prepare a harvest, there comes prayers and wishes to mark its productivity. We follow a path of righteousness and in the process aspire to seek the divine blessings.

Spreading The True Essence of Festivals

Mission Statement

‘’ We believe in infusion of ‘godly presence’ in the things we perform. The importance of ‘Satvik’ indulgence inspires us with new energy and motivates us to excel in the task we undertake.”

‘BEST’ has a sole intention to serve people, to enlighten their conscience with the premium and best sought products which may have a decisive impact in the way they perceive goods and services.

Our Core Components

Life skills: Our venture, transpires the core skills essential for a successful and a peaceful life. We vision the importance of learning with humility and charity as our strength and stronghold.

Knowledge: The divine collaboration of wisdom and humanity helps us to aspire and reach greater heights. At BEST our endeavor is to focus on key areas of overall growth keeping ourselves devotional with roots intact.

Satvik: The importance of chanting’s and prayers in every activity we perform is a crucial ingredient of our work pattern. We believe that if any work undertaken is carried out in the divine godly presence then that task is completed with divine perfection.

Health: Our well being is directly proportional to the activities we perform. The manner we undertake our daily chores of life has a key impact on our health and upbringing. At BEST we ensure that through the divine touch of SATVIK foods, we spread the message of love, humanity and healing across the masses.

For festivals bestow us with blessings

We Do our Best To Share It With Emotions

The occasion symbolizes the perfect bond of trust and love between brothers and sisters. The name RAKSHABANDHAN also known as ‘RAKHI’ is celebrated throughout India.

‘Raksha’ signifies protection, whereas ‘bandhan’ denoting a bond are the two pillars of the festival RAKHI. The significance of the festival is highlighted, as brothers safeguard their sisters with a commitment of protection, support and love throughout their life.

The joy of comfort and sharing are the true essence filled in this festival of RAKHI.
‘Ganesh Chaturthi’ also widely known as ‘Ganpati festival’ is an emotion filled occasion, which is celebrated with joy and devotion across India.

The sudden rush of adrenalin flow is witnessed if we happen to indulge in the festival crowd which celebrates the Ganpati festival. Thousands throng along the roads in a jubilant manner celebrating the festive mood the country sinks in.

Ganesh Chaturthi, also known as Vinayaka Chaturthi is an Indian festival that marks the birthday of Lord Ganesha. Ganesha, one of the most beloved gods is known by 108 different names in our culture. He is considered to be a symbol of good fortune, wisdom, prosperity and wealth.
The festival of Lohri embarks the importance of harvest. Though popular belief has it that Lohri is celebrated to mark the end of peak winter, this festival is traditionally associated with the harvest of the rabi crops. And thus, Punjabi farmers see the day after Lohri (Maghi) as the financial New Year.

The day is enlightened with various activities in homes such as preparation of satvik foods, constant scripture chantings and cleaning the premises.

The evenings witness people assembling in small groups outside their homes torching a light fire on woods. Dancing to the tunes of vibrant music is the major highlight of the occasion. This festival symbolizes peace and brotherhood among the masses.
The festival of lights has a huge significance in India with a rapid following offshores as well. The occasion primarily symbolizes VICTORY.

There is a feeling which thrills our conscience as we celebrate this festival. A feeling of victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, good over evil, hope over despair. Children value this festival immensely as they get to fire crackers and eat sweets. People visit their relations, loved near and dear ones. The houses are drenched in lighting all over.

The beautiful diyas glowing in radiance is a treat to witness. Different varieties of sweets and other cuisines prepared during this period is a moment memorable to hold back.
This festival is sacred and carries a huge significance when it comes to respect and sacrifice. Karva Chauth is a one-day festival celebrated by Hindu women in Northern India, in which married women fast from sunrise to moonrise for the safety and longevity of their husbands.

The day begins with Pujas (worship) being offered and the whole day is maintained with utmost reverence and respect.

The relationship between a husband and a wife is strengthened to new heights. The bonding is graced with love for each other and a commitment to be always together in times thick and thin.

Our Clients

We value our clients and hence it is our pleasure to incorporate their views and suggestions. We seek blessings and valuable suggestions in our future endeavors too.

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I happened to visit this site through a mutual friend recommendation. I thanked him later because I found some true essence of purity here. The products here are different and unique.

Kamal Anand

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A tough challenge ahead for BEST to strive out among the rest. I somewhere believe that THEY CAN!

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Exceptional products, great presentations truly matched my expectations. Keep up BEST!